Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HipHop in the Flats: Wyzdom360's Verse

Been putting it down, rockin a P with a tilted Crown/

Politics as Usual, My Constituents Run the Town/

Remove our Live venues, we'll still Spit for random Crowds/

retro to Bboys Beat Boxin',Guerilla Publishing Style/

Man I got a deep vice/

Music scrolling through my mind,Can't even sleep nights/

filled up pads full of rhymes/

freedom through expression/

story time, fire off punch lines, to escape, struggles in this recession/

My Faith's choice of weapon/

Kneel to pray, scribe it down how I feel today,

Ain't no Hill for the Steppers steppin/

Whether 5 or 500, Join in the procession/

D. Abshire
December 2nd, 2010~1:24a.m.

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